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IEI-CO | Industrial and Engineering Inspection Company, was established as an independent inspection company as sub dairy of Ministry of Industrials and Mines in Tehran in 1983, to utilize the expertise of local specialist in the field of inspection in Oil, Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Transportation, Infrastructure and building, Marine, offshore, and Trade in Middle-East. The company was transferred to private sector in 2003 in line with implementation of Article 44 of Constitution.
IEI-CO is as employee-owned engineering firm whose focus in providing inspection and other highly specialized services in the field of product
conformity, supply chain, Asset Management and process safety management services.


In addition, IEI can provide conventional and advanced NDT services with authorized inspectors to local and international standards. The company has presently more than 450 inspectors and experts in different countries providing services with 10 official branches in various countries all around the world as an international inspection network.
IEI-CO will be at your service to discuss your inspection on other specialized needs in the Middle-East especially in Iran, UAE, and Oman.