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Iranian Engineering and Industrial Inspection Company is the first and largest Iranian Company in technical inspection of commodities, facilities and industrial projects and as a learning organization has selected its quality management system based on OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISIRI-ISO9001 and ISO/IEC 17020 standards for promoting the quality of its services and in line with meeting the anticipations of Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran, its clients and other beneficiaries. The senior management of the company is committed to perform its utmost efforts in achieving the following goals.
• Commitment to professional and social ethics by emphasizing on honesty, confidentially and observing neutrality and independence in inspection
• More understanding of the anticipations and demands of clients and other beneficiaries as well as efforts in gaining their satisfaction;
• Development of human capital abilities through teaching, team work, participation and efforts for increasing organizational knowledge for the purpose of improving the quality of services, job, safety and environment health and satisfaction of employees
• Establishing mechanisms for increasing the share of market, increasing the quality of providing services and on time fulfillment of obligations
• Establishment of processing viewpoints for increasing productivity, effectiveness and constant improvement
• Using new inspection techniques and procedures
• Management of resources and costs
• Establishing shared ideals and providing grounds for moving towards perfection
• Preventing environmental pollution, and savings in resources in the framework of laws and regulation in providing services
• Increasing safety and health factors of employees, preventing job accidents and diseases in the framework of laws and regulations in performing inspection operations and head office
• Identification, priority and evaluation of potential factors that might be harmful in ordinary and emergency conditions.
The undersigned has provide the necessary conditions for the efficient execution and realization of policy; and manages and monitors the company in achieving its goals and ideas through cooperation and collaboration of all levels of the company in establishing and maintaining quality management system.
General guidelines for employee behavior
• Observing ethics and proper Islamic behavior deserves world-class communication with colleagues and clients
• provide satisfactory service (suitable quality and speed) as part of a transcendental organization
• Pay particular attention to the issue of client-centric in order to improve customer satisfaction
• Confidentiality of information acquired in the course of inspection activities and preservation of material and intellectual property rights of customers and stakeholders
• Special attention to education and continuous learning as part of a learning organization and to contribute to the development and transfer of skills and training to other personnel
• on time presence at relevant meetings and training courses
• participate in teamwork and continuous cooperation with their respective teams and working groups
• proper performance of assigned tasks in accordance with organizational tasks (efficiency) and the other decided by the manager
• preservation and efficient use of tools, equipment, and facilities are provided by the company
• the timely and regular presence and maintain discipline and principles of 5S in the workplace
Specific guidelines for the behavior of the inspectors
• The inspector must always be independent in judge and Issuing a decision, and objective scientific act
• Inspector in the entering the inspection site must be vogue and affable. (Friendly Manner)
• The inspector should prevent causing stress on opposite sides and soften its environment.(Positive Attitude)
• Inspectors should strictly refrain from acts of personal taste. It means his task is checking conformity of Technical Specifications of Product with the relevant standards and the Items mentioned in documents Order.(Staying Within the Scope)
• Inspectors should maintain its normal position in the face of harsh conditions or impolitely behavior and with his good approach create a normal situation and anyway, finally conscience is a fair and impartial judgment. (Fair Judgment)
• When inspectors should enter the factory, harbor, warehouse or ship should fully adhere to provisions of inspection’s environment.( HSE Observations)
• As a matter of principle, accepting any gifts from inspected by the inspector is prohibited
(Refrain from accepting any Gifts)
Note 1: The exempted areas are such as: national gifts in celebration, opening or closing projects, seminars, etc., which will be awarded to all participants and also ordinary human exchanges, such as food, cakes, drinks, appliances between people in the workplace and factories.
Note 2: If necessary, inspectors should consult with branch managers and execute his opinion.
• the inspector should Refrain from accepting any Favor such as eating or partying, especially in non-working hours.
Note 1: Exempted areas such as inspections during construction and due to avoid sweep factory by inform the employer (lunch as part of a daily working lunch)
Note 2: If for any reason a plant unwilling or unable to provide the Note 1. Inspector does not have the right to protest and should resolve the matter with the branch manager.
9) Inspector is obliged to report all inconsistencies observed to the inspected branch in appropriate way to inform contradiction has to be understood.
10) The inspector is required to record the Observations or data obtained during inspection in a timely manner to prevent data loss required for writing the inspection report.
11) The inspector should not disclose proprietary information belonging to an organization, buyer or seller in any way.
12) Inspector shall refrain to discuss during inspections of goods of other organizations that have been inspected with individuals of the organization inspected.
13) Inspector shall refrain from false, misleading or unapprovable statements which could harm or void the reputation of the organization inspected.